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May 2008
Skirt Saucer and Space Maid Helmet
Posted in Creations by Pandora Wrigglesworth at 3:16 pm | Comments Off on Skirt Saucer and Space Maid Helmet


Travel the stars in the cutest flying saucer in the galaxy! The Skirt Saucer seats one driver with room for a regular-size or Tiny passenger. Touch menu features options for locking, beacon, controls, and selection of nine unique colors including Black, Blue, Brown,Gold, Green, Pink, Purple, Red, and White! The Skirt Saucer is a dainty flying saucer which is perfect for space maids and EGL (extra-terrestrial gothic lolita). Regular sized folks will stand on the back while holding onto your shoulders. Tinies get to ride on the front while you cuddle them with one arm.


As a free bonus you also get the Space Maid Helmet with all the same colors as the Skirt Saucer and three degrees of visibility for the mask: Glass, Mirror, and Blind.

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