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Aug 2008
Demo Videos
Posted in General by Pandora Wrigglesworth at 4:30 am | Comments Off on Demo Videos

I often receive requests from customers who want to see a product demonstrated before they purchase it. While I don’t mind demonstrating a product, I’m not always on-line and, even when I am, I’m not always available at that moment. So I have put together a series of product demo videos to illustrate those products for which a demo video makes sense.

There are two places to see these videos.

The first is in my Flickr photostream. This is the easiest place to see them since you don’t even have to log into Second Life.


Second, with this new wall-mounted monitor in the Curio Obscura main shop, you can watch any of the product demo videos inside Second Life. (Although it’s better if you watch them on Flickr because I used a higher video quality on the ones posted in Flickr and I don’t have to pay for the bandwidth when you watch them on Flickr.)

I’m also proud of the sculpting on the monitor because the three flashing vaccuum tubes are my first successful attempt to use degenerate polygons to make one sculpt prim look like three discrete prims.

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