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Oct 2010
Kasa-Obake Traditional and Parasol Avatars
Posted in Creations by Pandora Wrigglesworth at 2:28 am | Comments Off on Kasa-Obake Traditional and Parasol Avatars

Marvel at this strange and exotic spirit of Japanese folklore, the Kasa-Obake, also known as the “Umbrella Ghost!” Why do these traditional Japanese umbrellas come to life when they reach one hundred years of age? What strange thoughts hide behind its wide grin and waggling tongue? Who will solve the mystery of the traditional Kasa-Obake?


Even more strange and inexplicable than the traditional Kasa-Obake, when a Japanese Gothic Lolita Parasol reaches one hundred years of age, it comes to life as the Kasa-Obake Parasol! What mysterious motivation drives this spirit of lace and ribbon to bat its long, feathery lashes? Who will solve the mystery of the Kasa-Obake Parasol?


One leg included with each avatar!

Complete AO!

Both avatars require V2-compliant client for alpha mask support.

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