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Jun 2012
Something Dangerous is in the Neighborhood
Posted in General by Pandora Wrigglesworth at 2:50 am | Comments Off on Something Dangerous is in the Neighborhood

On a recent walk around the neighborhood, I discovered that something terrible has happened to Dancemotions!


What could have destroyed this peaceful little shop, leaving nothing but shattered walls and broken dance vendors behind?

Next door, I found that the same thing had happened to Belle Coiffure!


There was nothing left of that popular destination for fun and fashionable hairstyles but dust and rubble.

To my horror, I found that one more shop had fallen victim to the same devastation – Puppy Parade!


Staggered by the inhumanity of it all, I asked myself who could have done this? What kind of monster would destroy a shop selling cute, adorable puppies? Who could be so heartless? So destructive?

But then I remembered…


Oh, right! That’s what happened to those shops. It was just me.

The temporary big box shop is finally gone and the big, bad mobile death machine shop is back in business! Come and experience the terror at the newly refurbished Curio Obscura in Second Life.

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