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Jun 2012
Fleshsuits for Ladies and Men
Posted in Creations by Pandora Wrigglesworth at 10:44 pm | Comments Off on Fleshsuits for Ladies and Men

Part of the beauty of Second Life is that you can fall in love with someone for whom they choose to be, regardless of what they really look like. Love comes in every shape and form!

And now, that romantic deception just got easier with the Fleshsuits!


FleshsuitHoodies-LoveInEveryShapeIs your man more able to relate to you than you realize? Is that maid a man? Is that man a monster? Or are we all just robots beneath this synthetic skin? Wear the Fleshsuit to conceal your true form or lower your hood to show who you really are!

Love each other for who you aren’t!

The Fleshsuit is a full skin OR a tattoo layer that looks like a skin, unzipped to your chest or navel, leaving your head and neck bare to show your real skin underneath, with the Fleshsuit’s head draped over your shoulders and back as a hoodie.

Fleshsuits for both Ladies and Men are now available from my shop Curio Obscura in Second Life.

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