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Jul 2012
How do you market a Second Life business?
Posted in General by Pandora Wrigglesworth at 11:49 pm | 2 Comments »

The problem with being an evil genius is that I’m not so good with marketing because it relies on human interaction, my greatest weakness. So I can spend all day making a better mousetrap but how do I tell the world that it’s time to beat a path to my door?

So here’s my question for Second Life artists with successful businesses: How do you market your products and your business?

If you have any suggestions, please comment on this post! Any and all suggestions are very welcome.

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2 Responses:

Sauce Sorrowman said:

Personally, I’m also terrible at marketing. I have all of my products available on the Second Life Marketplace and that seems to be where I make the majority of my sales. I think I’ve seen maybe two sales in my inworld shop compared to a relatively constant stream of sales from the marketplace.

Heidi Dahlsveen said:

I am terrible myself, and also as you stated not good with interacting with others.

It seems like one way to do it, is to contact bloggers. Personally I am to shy to do it.

Mimesis Monday/Heidi Dahlsveen