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Jul 2012
Happy Curio Obscura Appreciation Day!
Posted in General by Pandora Wrigglesworth at 9:23 am | Comments Off on Happy Curio Obscura Appreciation Day!

By the power invested in me as Pandora Wrigglesworth, I declare today Curio Obscura Appreciation Day, also known as Pandora Needs A Little Help Making Rent Day.

Rezzday 1

On this day, we pay our respects to Pandora Wrigglesworth by traveling to Curio Obscura where we purchase Curio Obscura products for ourselves and our loved ones. Of course, some of our loved ones cannot be with us on this most special of days and so they do their shopping at Curio Obscura on Second Life Marketplace which is also the easier method for purchasing gifts for said loved ones. And the wonderful thing about Curio Obscura Appreciation Day is that it is celebrated for five joyous days, starting now.

No, seriously, I need a little help this month. If there’s something you were thinking about buying but didn’t get around to, now would be a really helpful time to make that purchase.

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