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May 2013
Sock Puppets Typing Override
Posted in Creations by Pandora Wrigglesworth at 10:52 pm | Comments Off on Sock Puppets Typing Override


Socks on your feet? What a waste of material! Wear your socks on your hands as colorful sock puppets and put on a little show when you type. With the Sock Puppets Typing Override!

To use, just wear the Sock Puppets Typing Override and start typing! Choose between with or without funny voices!

But I recommend using the one with the funny voices because it so much funnier with the voices, especially if more than one person is using them at the same time. This is definitely one the funniest typing overrides I’ve made yet.

The Sock Puppets Typing Override will be available from the Curio Obscura booth at the Funny Puppet Fair which opens on June 2nd.

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