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Apr 2008
Clockwork Brain
Posted in Creations by Pandora Wrigglesworth at 1:12 pm | Comments Off on Clockwork Brain


My very first creation for Curio Obscura was the Clockwork Brain. The idea for this came when I was tinkering with prim shoes and learned about the invisiprim technique which many SL cobblers use to hide parts of the avatar foot to accomodate different shapes for prim shoes.

As I tinkered with the invisiprim, I started wondering about other non-footwear applications for it and it occured to me that it might be fun to make different parts of the avatar disappear to be replaced with something else. Looking around, I found that there were a number of other SL creators who had done exactly that for cyborg elbows and waistlines.

At the time, I was also learning about TargetOmega rotation so I went back to an old sketch I had done a few years ago for a logo design and decided to open the top of my skull and fill it with rotating gears.

I first debuted the Clockwork Brain together with the Clockwork Automaton Lady Skin at my first entry in the weekly Show and Tell event hosted in South Lummerland (every Sunday at 2pm SL time). It got a great reception and I even won a little prize money which helped fund the launch of my shop. That was also where I first met Cherry Hotaling who introduced me to Rendervisions Isle and The Art Door where I finally chose to build my shop.

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