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Apr 2008
Welcome to the Curio Obscura blog
Posted in General by Pandora Wrigglesworth at 12:00 am | 2 Comments »

I am Pandora Wrigglesworth.

I first entered Second Life in late October of 2007 and started my shop Curio Obscura in mid-January of 2008.

Actually, Curio Obscura was the second shop I started. My first attempt was called Atelier Whimsy but I didn’t really know what I wanted to make or how to get noticed. Later, when I came up with some products worth selling, I started over with Curio Obscura.

I’m starting this blog now as a way of talking about some of my past creations and announcing new ones. I may also talk about other people’s creations or events but probably not as often since this is meant to be a shopkeeping blog, not a review blog.

Thank you for visiting the Curio Obscura blog!

I also extend a big thank you to all my customers who shop at Curio Obscura, to the kind Wynd and Cherry of The Art Door, upon whose land Curio Obscura rests, and to the fine folks at Linden Labs for providing us all with so much creative power.

My advice to all creative folks out there: Never dismiss an idea as being too ridiculous

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2 Responses:

Petra Wrigglesworth said:

Hahahaha! I am your evil twin!

Gita Rau said:

Congratulations on your blog I love your vision and hope to see many more inspired works from you. Good luck! ^__^