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Apr 2008
Topter Hat and Extendo-Leg Shoes
Posted in Creations by Pandora Wrigglesworth at 7:57 pm | Comments Off on Topter Hat and Extendo-Leg Shoes


I don’t think these entries are really in chronological order. Now that I think about it, I think I made the Topter Hat before I made the first version of the BroomCycle since they both use the same script technique for detecting when the player begins and ends flying.

The Topter Hat is a top hat with fancy metal doors on the front and top. When you fly, the doors open, propellers pop out of the top, and a set of handlebars extend from the front for steering.

The funny thing about the Topter Hat is that I came up with the idea and I kept getting the feeling that it seemed familiar somehow. It wasn’t until I started showing it to other people that it was pointed out to me how similar this is to the hat worn by Inspector Gadget. I guess Inspect Gadget must have been in the back of mind all along.


So then I thought I might as well run with that idea.

The Extendo-Leg Shoes look just like regular shoes until you start running. Then they slowly extend until you are striding high above the ground on the extended Extendo-Legs. They make running very fun and always get a lot of attention.

Both the Topter Hat and Extendo-Leg Shoes come in multiple colors.

These Extendo-Legs are so long that I have a lot of extra space here but I ran out of things to say.




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