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Apr 2008
Inflatable Woman Avatar
Posted in Creations by Pandora Wrigglesworth at 2:45 pm | Comments Off on Inflatable Woman Avatar


Why settle for wearing latex when you can BE rubber?

The Inflatable Woman Avatar is one of my more unusual creations. This avatar is made from a large number of custom sculpies, completely replacing the regular avatar body. In addition to the avatar’s body, you get two hairstyles, three inflatable skirts, and two accessories. There are color-changing options for everything through a click-menu. You can switch between four different facial expressions. You get a complete animation override for inflatable woman walking, flying, sitting, etc and you even make a little squeak when you walk.

In addition, you can set an option that will allow your friends can click on you when they want to hug you. While hugging you, they can’t resist blowing a little extra air into that valve on your neck, transforming you into the extra-inflated form which has a whole second animation override set!

If you prefer, you can self-inflate yourself with the use of a bicycle pump. All inflation and deflations are fully animated and sound-enhanced.

All options and effects can be accessed through the click-menu when you click anywhere on any part of your avatar.

Perfect for floating above a shop having sale, flying along behind a float in a parade, or having a little naughty fun: The Inflatable Woman Avatar!

In the event of a water landing, the inflatable woman avatar can be used as a flotation device. (not really)

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