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Jul 2008
Super Fun Cannon
Posted in Creations by Pandora Wrigglesworth at 12:08 am | Comments Off on Super Fun Cannon


With this lovely sculpted and scripted cannon on your roof, you need never lose another argument with those pesky neighbors again! Hop right in and enjoy FUN FUN FUN! Filled with plenty of good old-fashioned, wholesome gunpowder.

I first built the cannon several months ago but, just as I was about to release it, the servers all started switching Havok4 and the cannon stopped working. It took some time and experimentation to figure what had changed and how to design for it. As it turns out, a scripted change in size doesn’t register as a change in mass as quickly as it did on the earlier server software and that meant that the force used to fire the cannonball (that’s YOU) was much lower than it needed to be. Or, rather, the cannonball needed to be resize much earlier so that the mass change had time to register. Now it works again and the Super Fun Cannon is available to give your roof that extra panache.

Stop by the shop and try out the Super Fun Cannon installed on the shop roof! It’s a blast!

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