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Aug 2008
Portable Door Generator
Posted in Creations by Pandora Wrigglesworth at 4:18 pm | 2 Comments »

Need a better shortcut to the garden? Confined in a high-security prison cell by your intellectual inferiors? Mere walls need never trouble you again when you have the Portable Door Generator. Just point and shoot to generate a variety of attractive doorways through almost any solid surface. *


The Portable Door Generator is not limited to regular flat walls. You can generate doors on floors, ceilings, and even walls at strange angles.

Please keep in mind that Wall Detection is a very young and largely unexplored science. Generated doors may not always be at a perfect angle but should be close to the right angle the majority of the time.

Since SL only allows scripted rezzing within a distance of 10 meters, if you use the Portable Door Generator on a surface more than 10 meters away from you, you will automatically walk close to that surface before the doors will appear.

* The Portable Door Generator will only work in areas in which you permission to run scripts and rez objects. The Portable Door Generator may not work on walls thicker than 5 meters.

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2 Responses:

Sniley said:

How about making this a “TP to Camera” generator? would be cool to shoot a door 5 ft in front of you, and walk though to wherever your camera was at.

Pandora Wrigglesworth said:

Hmm… that could be an interesting alternative project. The one catch is that it is currently not possible for SL script to detect whether you are in free camera mode. You can tell where the camera is but there is no way to know whether the camera is in the default position behind the player or in free camera mode.