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Oct 2009
Posted in General by Pandora Wrigglesworth at 8:03 pm | 1 Comment »

Here I am writing from my first night at SteamCon, the Seattle steampunk convention.

Tonight (Friday), I just attended Studio Foglio’s Intro to Steampunk Art panel and I am about to attend the Virtual Steamlands Salon.

On Saturday, at 3pm in the Spokane room, I will be joining the panel on Steampunk Influences in Video Games.


This corset is killing me!

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One Response:

"Sen" Maxmus said:

Hiya Pan!
I’m sooo relieved to hear you’re doing ok. I’ve been very concerned, and we’re missing you greatly.

How exciting though! Being at SteamCon! That’s perfect. Can’t wait to see you back in SL, but know you are doing what you need to, RL comes first, always. Btw, I sent you a note a few weeks ago, hope you get it ok on your return, let me know otherwise. Have fun my friend, and enjoy yourself, you deserve it.. and maybe loosen up that corset a bit, ok?