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May 2010
Anywhere Doors Updated to 1.3
Posted in Creations by Pandora Wrigglesworth at 1:46 pm | Comments Off on Anywhere Doors Updated to 1.3

I have completed and released the 1.3 update to the Anywhere Doors – the Teleport System Made From Doors!

This update includes several fancy new features:

  • Doors no longer have a “wrong” side. The front of the door is whichever side of the door you choose to open it from so that doors can be opened from the left or the right as you choose. (You can still make a door only openable from one side by placing it against a wall, of course.
  • Select between five styles of inner effects including the swirly vortex, solid black, overwhelming white glow, brick wall, and invisiprim.
  • Auto-resizing of door parts. When you edit the size of the frame, the other parts of the door will automatically change size to match, making it easy to make your door any size that you prefer.
  • Option to choose between Tiny-Compatible and Kid-Compatibility so that child-sized avatars don’t have to be squished up anymore.
  • A new “ducking” animation for when doors are too small to walk through but too big to crawl through.
  • Dynamic animation alignment for smaller avatars so that kids don’t walk through the floor.
  • Double door support.
  • Additional built-in textures for the back of doors so that shadows all go the right way and “Exit” isn’t written backwards.

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