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Dec 2012
Last Chance to Buy Anything Before It’s Too Late!
Posted in General by Pandora Wrigglesworth at 10:42 pm | Comments Off on Last Chance to Buy Anything Before It’s Too Late!

It’s December 7th and you know what that means? Exactly! There are only two week left to buy something strange and wonderful but the end of world (as some people believe was predicted by the Mayan calendar).

Is the world really going to end on December 21st? I don’t know. Probably not. But what if it does? If the world is going to end in just two weeks, it’s time to make those purchases you’ve been putting off. Come to Curio Obscura and start spending your money because, if the world ends in two weeks, you’re not going to need it anyway. Buy something fun for yourself or a gift for a friend or loved one. Make the most of these last two weeks before the end of the world!

Oh, and there’s also only 18 days left before Christmas so you should probably buy some Christmas presents for your loved ones, just in case the world doesn’t end.

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