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Sep 2013
The Bug in the Boots
Posted in General by Pandora Wrigglesworth at 10:42 am | Comments Off on The Bug in the Boots

I’ve been getting some reports from people who are seeing a weird bug with the Mish-Mash and Peeper Abomination Boots from the Arcade Gachapon event. This bug makes the texture for the eyeballs look weird when you wear the boots.

What you are seeing is actually a client bug. It turns out that I’m the first person to find this bug but, unfortunately, I didn’t discover the bug until after I released the boots. Had I known beforehand, I definitely would have made something different.

Please keep in mind that the boots themselves are not actually buggy at all. It’s the client, the Second Life viewer itself, which is buggy. The boots are fine, as you can see if you rez them on the ground instead of wearing them. This bug just makes the client render them incorrectly. This bug ONLY affects tile-based texture animations on rigged mesh objects ONLY when the object is worn by an avatar. It might also only happen if you have shader/material-support switched on in your Graphics Preferences.

Since the bug is in the client, not the boots, the boots you have are just fine and will render correctly as soon as Linden Lab fixes this bug. You can vote in favor of having this bug fixed at https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/MATBUG-370. Please do!

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