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Hideous Christmas Sweaters 2013

Sunday, December 8th, 2013
Creations | Comments Off on Hideous Christmas Sweaters 2013

The return of the Christmas season can only mean one thing: Hideous Christmas Sweaters! Just like last years Hideous Christmas Sweaters, this all new set of nine brand-new sweaters will only be available for a limited time! Get yours before they are gone forever at the end of 2013! These sweaters are available in nine […]

Sleek Platform Boots in Leather

Friday, December 28th, 2012
Creations | Comments Off on Sleek Platform Boots in Leather

These fine leather Sleek Platform Boots are have high platforms and shiny steel bell heel for a very striking look. This footwear has been specially rigged so that it will automatically match the size of your feet and legs. No resizing, no script, no standard sizes. It just works with all but the most extreme […]

Hideous Christmas Sweaters

Thursday, December 13th, 2012
Creations | Comments Off on Hideous Christmas Sweaters

Looking for a last-minute Christmas present? Hurry to Curio Obscura for our Hideous Christmas Sweaters! These sweaters are available in nine different styles, each one more tacky than the last. Built with auto-size rigging, there is no need to choose between a small or a large as these sweaters will change to match your loved […]

Luxurious Fur Coats Gachapon!

Friday, October 12th, 2012
Creations | Comments Off on Luxurious Fur Coats Gachapon!

You will look and feel fabulous in this luxurious fur coat. Soft and full, it drapes provocatively from your shoulders. The Luxurious Fur Coat comes in 12 different animal prints or 12 different colorful styles. They are only available from the new Gachapon vending machines in Curio Obscura in Second Life! Collect them all! Trade […]

Flying Bow

Tuesday, August 14th, 2012
Creations | Comments Off on Flying Bow

Worn on your waist, your hat, or your hair, the Flying Bow lets you soar through the air! Beating the wind like the wings of a dove, in solid or polka dot, it’s the bow you will love! The Flying Bow is the cutest flying accessory in Second Life! When you’re on the ground, it’s […]

Rococo Fantastico

Thursday, January 15th, 2009
Creations | 3 Comments »

Now is your chance to show that snooty Marie Antoinette who the real queen is. Rococo Fantastico is the biggest hairstyle you will ever see. It takes six zeppelins and four propellers just to keep it up! Includes clockwork ballroom with porcelain dancers. Choose your own colour, bows, flowers, and style! Try wearing this ginormous […]

Uber Platform Boots

Sunday, June 22nd, 2008
Creations | Comments Off on Uber Platform Boots

Stand out from the crowd by standing above it! With heels almost one and a half meters tall, these might just be the highest heels in all the grid. The Uber Platform Boots feature a complete AO for your uber platform lifestyle. The touch-menu will allow you to select laces or no-laces style and various […]

Camera Hat

Monday, May 12th, 2008
Creations | Comments Off on Camera Hat

The Camera Hat may look like the Topter Hat when worn but, when activated, it flies off of your head on its own. Your admirers will gasp in awe as they watch your hat swoop about the room, tracking your client camera, then fly back to perch upon your noggin once more.