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Apr 2008
The BroomCycle
Posted in Creations by Pandora Wrigglesworth at 1:56 pm | Comments Off on The BroomCycle

Not everything I create is clockwork/steampunk. I’m glad that people are enjoying my clockwork creations and I appreciate the support of the steampunk community very much. But I also wouldn’t want people to think that everything I do will be clockwork/steampunk in theme. My mission statement, if I had one, would be that I’m going to make whatever crazy idea happens to pop into my head.

Once I really began to understand the sculptie format so that I knew exactly how to control the positions of the vertices, I was able to make much more detailed sculpties. One my early sculptie-ambitious projects also became my first flying vehicle: The BroomCycle.


Half broomstick, half hawg, the BroomCycle is the blending of a witch’s flying broomstick and a chrome-plated motorcycle. Built almost entirely out of sculpties, the BroomCycle is very sleek and shiny, a powerful broomstick with smooth sweeping lines.

I originally designed this as a wearable attachment, since I didn’t really understand vehicle scripting yet, which appears and disappears in a puff of white smoke when you fly. While it looked great, that early version wasn’t exactly Tiny-compatible, due to the complex natural of developing an Animation Override Override to handle the priority 4 Tiny animations.

After developing my first ground vehicle, I learned enough to revisit the BroomCycle and provide not only a true flying vehicle version but one which supported Tinies as well.

Now, for one price, you get all four versions:

  • The original attachment version for regular avatars
  • The attachment version for Tiny avatars
  • The vehicle version for regular pilots
  • The vehicle version for Tiny pilots

In addition, the vehicle version support a rider, perched on the bristles in back and either vehicle version can support both regular and Tiny passengers, each of which can switch between three custom passenger animations so being a passenger doesn’t have to be a completely passive experience.

All four version belch fire and smoke (the effects of which I upgraded after my visit to the Particle Laboratory) from all six exhaust pipes when the BroomCycle is in motion.

The hat shown in this picture is part of the Flaming Leather Witch Hat and Duster set.

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