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Apr 2008
Tight Skirt Animation Override Set
Posted in Creations by Pandora Wrigglesworth at 12:27 pm | 1 Comment »


After trying out tight pencil skirts and mermaid dresses, I noticed a frequent problem. When you walk, the stride of your legs does not reflect the tight skirt, resulting in unpleasant stretching and distortion of the skirt. Ideally, you would want your stride to be restricted, causing you to take smaller steps, when wearing a tight skirt. Otherwise, what’s the point of it being a tight skirt?

To this end, I developed my first animation override set. It’s a set of 29 avatar animations, including a run, 5 walks (two of which are actually hops), flying, swimming, sitting, falling, etc. When used with a mermaid dress, pencil skirt, or even a hobble skirt, the avatar movements look much more fitting. With the two hopping style walks, you could even use this for an avatar whose feet are tied together. Still, it is primarily intended for tight skirts, such as my Clockwork Edwardian Dress and Hat outfit.

The full set includes all of the individual animations so that you can slot them into your favorite AO HUD as well as a simple Tight Skirt AO HUD which you can copy into the folders for any tight skirted outfits in your inventory.

Personally, I like to use HUDDLES/ZHAO for most of my animation needs but the tight skirt AO object is a handy way to quickly switch when I change outfits without having to worry about selecting the specific AO in a more complex HUD.


In addition to the 29 animations, the full Tight Skirt Animation Override Set includes a bonus of either three China dresses or three leather corsetdresses. The corsetdresses are for the more adult crowd since the variations in style are quite naughty in nature.

Of course, you can also buy the animations individually if you don’t want the whole set or bonus dresses. I have one of those little animation preview platform vendors on the floor in front of the Tight Skirt Animation vendor in my shop.

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One Response:

Gothic Geisha « Virtually Dressed said:

[…] ao, as a regular western style walk could ruin the lines of the dress when walking.  There is a Tight Skirt Animation Overider at Curio Obscura that I would like to investigate in the future as being a good ao for this.  Due […]