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Apr 2008
Horseless Gown
Posted in Creations by Pandora Wrigglesworth at 3:07 pm | 1 Comment »


Introducing the Horseless Gown!

This is one of the stranger vehicle concepts I’ve designed so far. The Horseless Gown is a blending of the pannier gowns of the Rococo period in France (think Marie Antoinette and Versailles) with the “Woodie” roadsters of the California beaches in the 1960s.

The idea for this gown came to me as I thought about the elaborate fathingales, panniers, and hoop skirt underpinnings as they become more elaborate and unwieldy over the years. At some point, they would become so large and heavy that they could not be supported by the wearer and would need their own structural support. If that support were strong enough, the structure could support the wearer as a rider instead. Add some wheels, a clockwork engine, a tank-style steering mechanism, a door for easy entry, three gear speeds, plush seating, a vanity license plate, a trunk (for the storage of “junk”) and voila – the Horseless Gown.


The Horseless Gown has a click-menu for beacon, lock, and selecting between a variety of colors for the vehicle and the vanity plate.

I recommend sticking to low gear when driving the Horseless Gown indoors.

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One Response:

Yora Vig said:

Hi! Love the Horseless gown and your shop. I thought you might want to know I just did a post on my blog on your shop. I absolutly love your stuff and can’t wait to see what you put out next!