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Nov 2008
Deluxe Bunnygirl and Very Pumps
Posted in Creations by Pandora Wrigglesworth at 5:30 pm | 1 Comment »


Nobunny will be sexier than you when you hop into a Deluxe Bunnygirl outfit! The fully-boned satin bodysuit features brass grommets and prim ribbons tied at the hips. The optional jacket with retro-futuristic capsule shoulders give the Deluxe Bunnygirl outfit a classy, unique style. Bemuse your friends as they bend the satiny bunny ears on your headband. Best of all, the fluffy cottontail features volumetric fur that will guarantee that every eye will be drawn to your adorable tail.

Bendable sculpted ears!

Deluxe Cotton Tail with True-Fluff Volumetric Fur!

Includes ears, bodysuit, cuffs, Bunny badge, and bowtie collar in Black, Blue, Brown, Cyan, Gold, Green, Lavender, Pink, Purple, Red, Silver, or White, jacket in Black or White, five styles of seamed Bunnygirl hose, and one super-fluffy cotton tail!

Also released today are the Very Pumps which are very sleek and brightly colored and will make your feet look very sexy. One pair of Very Pumps contains a Color-Touch menu with twelve colors matching the colors of the Deluxe Bunnygirl outfit.

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