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Dec 2008
Anywhere Doors
Posted in Creations by Pandora Wrigglesworth at 8:58 am | 1 Comment »


The shortest distance between two points is an Anywhere Door. Based on portable door technology, these wooden portals look just like regular doors but each pair of Anywhere Doors can connect any two points within the same region. Just open the door and click on it to walk through.

Anywhere Doors, the teleport system made from doors.

To set up a pair of Anywhere Doors, place each door somewhere within the same region. Once they are placed, edit the description of each Anywhere Door to give each pair of doors a unique number.


Anywhere Doors come in two sizes: Anywhere Doors and Tiny Anywhere Doors.

All Anywhere Doors, of both sizes, can be used by both average sized people and by Tinies.

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One Response:

Talia Tokugawa said:

Not sure if you know about this or not.. but I just seen your door in a new machinima series 🙂