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Mar 2009
Curio Obscura has a New Face!
Posted in General by Pandora Wrigglesworth at 12:35 am | 2 Comments »

After the recent remodelling of Rendervisions Isle, I decided it was time to remodel the Curio Obscura main shop. Weaponization… er… I mean, remodelling was completed today!


Come and see the new shop, relax on the deck, and try out the tower control room, now open to the public for the first time!

While you’re here, please be sure to tour the rest of Rendervisions Isle where there are many beautiful new things to see!

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2 Responses:

Winter said:

That is why there were some parts missing outside when I was there this weekend 🙂
Love your work Pandora! 🙂

Paddy Wright said:

Pandora! You are amazing. This is beautiful.