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Apr 2009
Easy Animation Override HUD Updated!
Posted in Creations by Pandora Wrigglesworth at 11:26 pm | Comments Off on Easy Animation Override HUD Updated!

I’ve been improving the Easy Animation Override HUD recently. Some of the changes have been bug fixes but the most significant changes are the improved support for underwater animation.

Previously, the Easy AO correctly used swimming animations when you fly underwater. But if you were walking/standing/etc underwater, it was the same as on land. Now it will actually cause you to swimming and tread when you walk or stand/run underwater.

This is particularly useful for people who purchase the Mermaid AO set which comes with a copy of the Easy AO with the mermaid animations installed.

Pick up the lastest version of the Easy AO for free from the Curio Obscura main shop.

If you have already purchased the Mermaid AO or Tight Skirt AO from within SL, you can get the latest version of the free AO HUD by visiting the main shop and using the Redelivery Terminal on the first floor.

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