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Oct 2009
Where are me now?
Posted in General by Pandora Wrigglesworth at 2:26 am | 3 Comments »

If you’ve been worried that I have retired from Second Life due to boredom or new interests, worry not. I have simply been otherwise occupied by first life.

My first life day job is in video game development and, as you might guess, Thanksgiving is the biggest target release date. Our current project was started with too little time to complete so the past three months have been solid crunch time week after week, 60 to 80 hours every week.

The good news is that the game is finally finished and I will finally have more time available for Second Life.

But not today. This weekend I’m heading out in first life to attend SteamCon, the steampunk convention in Seattle. I’m not a scheduled guest or anything but, if you see me there, feel free to bow down to my greatness. Or say hello. Whatever works for you.

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3 Responses:

Wynd said:

Glad to hear things are well. thought I would check the blog as your friends in your secondlife were becoming really worried. I passed this link to everyone in The Art Door.