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Apr 2012
Friendly Tentacles
Posted in Creations by Pandora Wrigglesworth at 9:17 am | Comments Off on Friendly Tentacles

No one knows from whence these tentacles came. All we know is that they want to be your friend! The Friendly Tentacles love to hug you and squeeze you and just be friendly!

No, we don’t know what is on the other end of these tentacles.

Friendly Tentacles are friendly as they reach out from the floor, from the wall, or from the ceiling. They eagerly wave about by themselves, eager to make a new friend. When a new friend “sits” on a Friendly Tentacle, it will grasp them in its amiable embrace!

Does it really matter where these tentacles came from? They’re friendly!

While being held by a Friendly Tentacle, the new friend can Touch the tentacle to tickle it into five different positions which also differ for each type of tentacle!

When a Friendly Tentacle is not hugging a friend, the owner can Touch the tentacle to select between six tentacular colors!

Not Naughty!

Fifteen Positions!

Stop asking where they came from!


FREE BONUS! A unique set of low impact Porthole and Pressure Door meshes are included. Use them to give your Friendly Tentacles a home or just use them to decorate your own home! The tentacles themselves don’t require mesh and, just in case you need it, you also get a one-prim simple metal ring you can use instead of a porthole or pressure door.

The Friendly Tentacles are now available from my shop Curio Obscura in Second Life.

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