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Jan 2009
Curio Obscura First Anniversary
Posted in General by Pandora Wrigglesworth at 6:25 pm | 2 Comments »

Exactly one year ago today, Curio Obscura first opened its doors in Second Life.

It has been an amazing year thanks in no small part to all the wonderful people who have helped Curio Obscura through their good words and deeds.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank….

  • Cherry Hotaling and Wynd Ling for their hosting and support on Rendervisions Isle
  • Crap Mariner for all the kind things he has said in his blog “What the Crap?”
  • florenze Kerensky and Barney Boomslang for the encouragement of the weekly Show and Tell at Lummerland
  • Bettina Tizzy and Alpha Auer for their generous coverage of Curio Obscura through NPiRL
  • All of the good people at the TUi Neo University for their help when I was first learning how to build and script in Second Life
  • Subversive Vavoom, Aberdon Enigma, and Fauve Aeon for their altruistic patronage of the doll community
  • The good citizens of Port Babbage and Caledon for their enthusiastic support of all things steampunk
  • Andy Enfield for his great service in developing the hippoVendor system which has made business management so very convenient
  • The good people at Linden Labs for creating this amazing creative environment and especially Cogsworth Linden and Blue Linden for their individual support and recognition of Curio Obscura
  • Eleanora Newell, Fox Obviate, Sensuous and Supremius Maximus, Zilvara Short, Siyu Suen, Bloodsong Termagant, DrFran Babcock, Cobalt Oh, and so many others who provided their individual support and creative criticism to me over these past twelve months

Without all of you, this past year would not have been possible. My deepest thanks to you all.

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2 Responses:

Siyu Suen said:

Goodness, a whole year!! Congratulations on making it this far, I really hope you have many more in you 🙂 I’m proud to be on that list, you are truly a gem in the Steampunk world.

Sensuous Maximus said:

Happy Anniversary, Curio Obscura!!

Pandora, for the past year, your store has been more like an adventure movie and a gift, all in one. It unwraps itself to a new and wondrous adventure, that turns the most stodgy of us, into a child again. You have found the perfect potion, that makes us all want to be the silly adolescent, while at the same time, creating things of great use. Your store, is truly an oxymoron..

I remember the day I stumbled into your store, just before it actually opened, still somewhat a newb of three months, and still not understanding what SL was all about at that point. I remember thinking how odd your items were, I wondered how anyone could possibly sell such frivolous items (I was such a bore at that time). Then… it finally all clicked in my head one day. We all still have that child within us, screaming to get out….. that’s where your store, and the world of Second Life bring us all together into that playground, tucked away so neatly in our minds, revealing the wondrous excitement of our youth once again.

Your talents and knowledge of this crazy 3D world, are far beyond most who have been on SL since it’s inception. It’s beyond impressive. You have shown so many of us, not only how to really enjoy SL, but how to see it for all it’s dimensions, and heck…. you even give us all a tinge of hope that we too can create such wondrous things. Pandora, without people like you in both SL and RL, we might as well be eating bread and water everyday.

I can’t tell you how thankful I am personally to you, for all your help over the year, as I have called upon you so often – I am forever grateful. I can only hope, that over time, I can somehow return the favors in one way or another. You are a blessing to so many, and I am honored to call you my friend.

Love ya,