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Jul 2009
Hair Fair 2009 Final Tally
Posted in General by Pandora Wrigglesworth at 11:05 am | 1 Comment »

The final numbers are in from Hair Fair 2009. In total, the fair raised L$2396658 for Locks of Love which comes to US$8895.49.

Curio Obscura specifically raised L$59925 (about US$222.42) from 295 sales at the fair which is about 2.5% (or 1/40th) of all money raised for the Locks of Love at Hair Fair 2009.

Since there were 124 booths at Hair Fair 2009, the average amount raised per booth would be 0.8% each or 1/124th which is L$19327 (about US$71.73) per booth.

That means that Curio Obscura raised THREE TIMES as much as the average booth at Hair Fair 2009.

I therefore declare Curio Obscura the Winner of Hair Hair 2009!

I wish to extend my sincere thanks to everyone who purchased a Curio Obscura hairstyle at Hair Fair 2009. Without you, this great victory would not have been possible.

Also, I suppose that it’s nice for Locks of Love and the children they help.

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One Response:

Vanilla Muircastle said:

Muahahahaha. First you gain their trust through stylish coiffures in their candy-coated paradise, and then you STRIKE! Soon these plebian fools will know who their true ruler is!