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Aug 2009
Correction to Swing
Posted in General by Pandora Wrigglesworth at 9:58 pm | 1 Comment »

To anyone who already purchased the One-Prim Swing, I apologize but I forgot to include something in the notecard.

When Crap Mariner mentioned to me that the swing only seemed to work in one direction, I realized that I forgot to tell people how to make it swing in other directions. While the swing will automatically adjust itself when you change the size, it needs you to reset the script if you change its rotation. This is necessary since SL doesn’t give me a way to detect a change to the rotation and, even if it did, the swing rotates all the time since that’s how a swing swings.

The notecard has been updated for any future purchases but the procedure is the same for anyone who already purchased one: Rotate the swing into place, then select Tools / Reset Scripts In Selection from the SL menu.

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One Response:

Crap Mariner said:

Worked like a charm! <3