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Jul 2012
Anywhere Go
Posted in Creations by Pandora Wrigglesworth at 11:27 pm | Comments Off on Anywhere Go

Once again, Curio Obscura revolutionizes teleporters in Second Life with the release of the Anywhere Go system!

You could say that it’s the Anywhere Door without the door but it’s even better than that.

Anywhere Go is an animated teleporter system. It’s just as easy to set up as the Anywhere Door but much more adaptable because it comes in a variety of animated styles. You can teleport by walking, crawling, jumping, or climbing into a hole in the wall, floor, or ceiling.

Point an Anywhere Go Climbing Over The Sill at a mirror and suddenly it’s a magic mirror that people can climb through to arrive somewhere new! Point an Anywhere Go Crawling at the hollow of a tree and people will be able to crawl into that tree!

You don’t even need to worry about placing the Anywhere Go pose arrows perfectly because they can detect the positions of walls, ceiling, and floors and will automatically align the animation to match, compensating correctly for the heights of different avatars.

It sets up in seconds and every style of Anywhere Go is compatible with every other style so you can use different animation behavior at each end of the teleport!

Try out the sample Anywhere Go placed in Teleportation section of Curio Obscura today!

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