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Apr 2008
Clockwork Automaton Lady Skin
Posted in Creations by Pandora Wrigglesworth at 1:12 pm | Comments Off on Clockwork Automaton Lady Skin


One of my first creations for Curio Obscura is still one of my most popular – The Clockwork Automaton Lady skin.

This is a robot skin in an old-fashioned clockwork style. While developing this skin, I spent a lot of time looking at Jules Vernes-inspired works and other memorable clockwork robots, including Doctor Who, Howl’s Moving Castle, and Robot Carnival.

The style of this skin is copper-plate, held together with bolts, rivets, and adjustable leather belts. Between the metal, rubber hose-pipe covers some areas while others allow the underlying gear mechanism to show through. The layout of the plates and straps based on both musculature/anatomy, such as in the positioning of plates on the arms, and pretty undies, such as the design of the thighs and the garter-like belts attaching them to the pelvis.

If you look closely, you will also note that there are some small nicks and scratches here and there on the metal surface. It’s those little imperfections that help make a 3D character look more convincing.

I originally created this skin in copper and brown leather. When I was satisfied with it, I added variations in other colors such as Silver, Black, Pink, et cetera.

I recently added a sculpted mannequin to my shop to display this skin in full 3D. The mannequin was built by the talented Pumpkin Tripsa of Chakra Nova. Pumpkin has generously allowed me to add my skin and its vendor as examples of the mannequin’s use the Chakra Nova main store. To any skin-makers out there – I enthusiastically recommend that mannequin! It’s lovely and practical!

This skin can be worn with any kind of clothing but it looks very nice with the Clockwork Brain for the extra robotty look.

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